Happily Grey

Happily Grey Bath Box

$139 $162

For me, having a bath is a radical act of self-love, that I write all about in the motherhood chapter of my new book. In this box are a few of my essentials for a watertight grown-woman bath time. Take a beat...Here are the directions for your self care moment: 

string these. drink this. scan these. light this. apply this. read this. 

you DESERVE this.

xx Mary

Gift Set Includes: 
A copy of Happily GreyHappily Grey Signature Scent 5oz Candle, Happily Grey postcards, string lights, Kropp Shower Gel, Maison Louise Marie No.4 Body Oil, DreamDaily "The Dreamer" Journal, WithCo Agave Margarita 4oz Cocktail Mix

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